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About us

About Etrades Club LTD

Our goal is to facilitate access by ordinary people to the fastest growing
markets in the world.

Transparency and capacity for innovation

Etrades Club LTD is headquartered in London - UK and is registered under number 11534234. Our company was born with the great lucrative possibilities of the Forex market, Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. We apply different strategies based on day trading to achieve the best results in the constant oscillations that occur in the different markets where we have operations.

Our team has extensive experience and skills needed to work with large investment funds making them increasingly attractive to new investors who want to get great profits in a short time. Our work is carried out with transparency and our clients can follow each step of ours.

Distribution of investments

Our investments are diversified in several sectors focused on daily operations.

Forex, Cryptocurrencies & Stock Market

Our team works in several markets, however our focus is on markets with greater profit opportunities like Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Stock Market. Our operations are essentially based day trading. We work responsibly and with low capital exposure. In this way, we are able to distribute profits without jeopardizing the invested capital.

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Some of our benefits

By becoming our customer you will have access to the various benefits made available
to our investing members.

Large profits

Excellent profit opportunity in just a few hours or days.

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easy usage

Simple and fully functional platform with all types of devices.

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Instant Withdrawals

Withdrawals processed in real time without human intervention.

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fast support

Quick and capable support ready to assist you.

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live dashboard

Track your profits, deposits, withdrawals in real time.

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ddos protection

We have SSL certificate and protection against DDOS attacks through Cloudflare.

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Referral Commissions We offering 3 level referral commissions for everyone
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  • 3rd Level 1%